Continuing Education Seminars & Trainings  

Brain & Stress: PTSD & Adjustment Disorders 2014
Art Therapy 2014
Stimulants: Caffeine, Amphetamines & Appetite Suppressants 2014
Anti Anxiety Drugs 2014
Non Traditional Approaches: Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression 2014
Mild Brain Injury: The Silent Epidemic 2014
Stress and Depression 2014
Memory and Amnesia 2014
Stop Losing Sleep       2012
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 2012
Autism: Latest in Assessment & Treatment Strategies 2012
Ethics for Social Work 2011  
Cannabis Use, Abuse and Dependence  2011                                                              
Child Abuse in Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Communities  2011   
Mean Girls: Dealing w/ Today's Girl Bullying and RA 2011
Happiness: How Positive Psychology Changes our lives                                 
Nuts and Bolts of Legal and Ethical Practice 2010                                                 
Best Approaches for Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment 2010                      
Smart But Scattered: Executing Dysfunction at Home & School 2010                  
Interventions for Anxiety Disorder with Children and Adults 2010                         
Stress, Anxiety and Rage: Treating Teens 2010                                                    
Cerebral Dominance: The Left and Right Brain  2009                                             
Ethical and Legal Issues of Clinical Supervision 2009                                           
Heroin: Abuse and Addiction 2008                                                                         
New Directions in Treating Teens with Sexual Behavior Problems 2008                
Restocking Your Mental Health and Addictions Treatment Toolkit 2008                
Mental Health Medications 2008 Understanding Genetics 2008                             
Understanding Adolescent Health: Social Worker's Role 2008                              
Enhancing Self Esteem 2008                                                                                   
Nutrition & Complementary Treatment for Mental Health Disorder 2008                
Advanced Dialectical Behavior Therapy 2007                                                         
Dialectical Behavior Therapy 2007                                                                          
Finding the Right Treatment Approach for Adolescent Substance Abusers 2007 
Collaborating with Physicians 2007                                                                        
Developing Mentoring Relationships with Youth 2007                                           
Bipolar Disorder: Treatment Strategies and Effective Interventions 2006
Disruptive Behavior Spectrum Disorders 2006
Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault-Therapist Core Training 2005
Anxiety Disorders: Research, Diagnosis and Treatment 2005
Achieving Culturally Competent Services in the Mental Health Setting 2005
Childhood Developmental Disorders 2005
Anger Management: Anger Control Made Easy 2005
Attachment Disorder 2001